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About Us

The Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society(SAPS) was established to promote the development of the agricultural, pastoral, horticultural, viticultural and stock raising in the Seymour region. SAPS is affiliated with Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd and Equestrian Victoria and a member of the Central &  Upper Goulburn Agricultural Societies’ Group. Read about our History

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Council Members


Jason Ronald OAM

Vice Presidents

Annie Davidson & Steve Koch


Pam Beerens


Emma Henne

General Council

James Anderson, Taylan Atar, Glenn Barry, Etienne Beaumont, Enola Halpin, Gay Lewis, Ian Mot, Robert Richardson, Zoe Welsh, Annie van Dorsser, Kerry Williams, Sarah Winter Irving.

Representatives of the Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd

Vivian Beaumont

Gay Lewis

Pam Beerens

Veterinary Officers

Dr. John Dalziel 

Dr. Andrew Hogan 

Dr. Bryan Tehan

Honorary Life Members


T. Allen, Vivian Beaumont, W. Binion, N. Bjorksten, Margaret Broers, Duncan Chisholm, Coral Cole, Allan Coulson, John Dalziel, David Freeman, Margot Green, Mary Greenshields, Martin Grimwade, Ken Hall, Bernie Hangan, Robert Hayes, Chris Head, Glenise Heywood, Andrew Hogan, Ron Holden, Wes Jeffery, John McCracken, Norm McLarty, Phil McLean, John Munckton, Peter Robinson, John Miller, Barbara Smith, Doug Smith, Bryan Tehan, Marg U'ren, Richard Wallis, Bob Webster.

Our History

The Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society was founded in 1858 and is the oldest local community organisation and one of the oldest agricultural societies in Australia. In fact the Seymour A & P Society has been around longer than the Commonwealth of Australia, the State of Victoria and the Melbourne Cup not to mention Moomba and the AFL Grand Final but 1858 was the year that Aussie rules was first played between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College. 


Our Show has occupied several venues around Seymour but settled in 1905 at Kings Park, Tallarook Street Seymour and has continued there to this day. As with most Show Societies there were years when there was no Show particularly during the First and Second World Wars. Some families have had a long association with the Society including the Wallis Family, the Tehan’s, the O’Sullivan’s, the Heywood’s and the McKenzie’s. Now a Council of 20 and 30 Life Members run the Society and produce not only the Annual Show but also assist with the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, the Annual Working Sheep Dog Trials, the Tastes of the Goulburn Festival Day, various Seminars and also Grant Scholarships to young locals pursuing tertiary studies.

SAPS Scholarship

The unique Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society Scholarship has been running for over 20 years. The Scholarship aims to assist students from our region who are studying or planning to study at a tertiary level. Students may be studying fields as diverse as Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Engineering and Medicine. A recent recipient was even studying Social Work and went on to work with farming communities.


Scholarship recipients are selected through a competitive, needs and merit-based selection process, based on the applicant’s letter, an interview, and results. Eligible applicants are assessed against the selection criteria by the Scholarship Fund Committee, who make the final decision and recommendation each year. Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to reapply for the Scholarship at future rounds. Applicants can be undertaking any level of tertiary study. In challenging times, the aim is to support those who wish to pursue a career in a field which will benefit rural industries and communities. To be the successful recipient of this scholarship, the fundamental criteria must be that there is a stated and demonstrated aim to work in and contribute to rural Australia.


This Scholarship is valued at $3000. A written letter describing your interest in receiving this scholarship can be emailed or posted to Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society. Applications close on 31 January each year.

Scholarship Recipients


1999 Hugh Robinson & Russell Wolfe

2001 Lauren O'Connor

2002 Richard Stecher & Monica Kelly

2004 Tom Wallis & Andrew Crowe

2005 Kate Coulson & Sarah Challis

2006 Kirsty Thomson & Joel Kopanica

2007 Elise Doyle, Grace Frank & Prue Hateley

2008 Tracy Halpin, Hugh Thomson, Murray Bullen

2009 Laura Mundy

2010 Kirsty-Lee McBean

2011 Aaron Vague

2012 Jared Polkinghorne

2013 Nathan Farrell

2014 Hannah Anderson

2015 Zoe Taylor 

2016 Ian Mot

2017 Oliver Hogan & Elizabeth Head

2018 Olivia Aquilina & Daniel McLarty

2019 Sarah Winter-Irving & Etienne Beaumont

2020 MacKenzie Spencer & Todd Lawrence

2021 Georgia Cronin


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